Fidusys Online is an infinitely flexible system for trustees, directors and family offices that creates a controlled, transparent, management environment, instantly delivering the status of everything and the detail of anything.

What is Fidusys Online?

One clear and comprehensive system

Fidusys Online is a purpose-built online management system for trustees, directors and family office professionals.

Covers all entities

Whilst most current trust businesses are managed using multiple often stand alone systems, Fidusys Online changes all of that to create a single, searchable and up-to-date management platform for all entities.

Transparency and flexibility

The system combines regulatory, compliance and fiduciary issues with immediate transparency and infinite flexibility in terms of design, development and reporting.

Quick access, management and reporting

It allows the fiduciary to add, organise and access all historical, current and new data to a central system with ease.

Total oversight of all functions

Fidusys Online allows managers and control functions to see and understand who is doing what, and why; for any entity, from their own desks, allowing easy checking of compliance, connections, conflicts and competence.

Business improvement and development

Developed for online use, business excellence becomes a business development tool providing new ways of working, new opportunities for reciprocal business and new ways of reporting and gathering data.

Fidusys for trust companies: a quick overview

Common challenges solved by Fidusys

Where do I find it?

Challenges Fidusys solutions View solution
Closed and inaccessible files hold key information, or users create personal systems. All users everywhere contribute to the same comprehensive, single source of truth.
Reasons for making decisions are not clear. Decisions drive fiduciary structures. Bring discipline and transparency to the process.
Multiple different files in different places. Place the entity at the centre of everything.
Separate and inaccessible take on and review data. Include take on and review processes in the management system.
Separate review issues and action lists. Interactive tasks make all key issues visible to and manageable by all business functions.
Separate compliance database. Integrate compliance with business management.
Lack of confidence in accuracy of data. Involve management in recording all relevant information and add a search function across all data.

What is happening?

Challenges Fidusys solutions View solution
Different groups work in different ways. Any authorised user has access to comprehensive entity information and status.
Separate logs and registers are managed independently. Create entity based information that can be consolidated into business registers.
Information has to be accessed by talking to managers. Create views that show any authorised person everything they need to see and understand.
You can't see what decisions are being made. An online decision-making process and drill down decision management.
Signatories are unable to check context. Signatories have an immediate view of all relevant information.
You can't see what has happened in the past. Full click through history of all reviews and actions.
You can't check for yourself what hasn't been done. See instantly every outstanding serious issue by entity, team, office or jurisdiction.
You can't check easily who the best managers are.Check on guidance and instructions provided to administrators.

Too many rules, too little reality

Challenges Fidusys solutions View solution
The theory and reality of risk management are very different. Link risk ratings directly to entities, schedule manage and view all reviews.
No easy way of checking for conflicts. A comprehensive view of all data and roles for every person connected to any entity.
It can be difficult to find the compliance status of any person when making decisions and payments.Integrate compliance with key business functions such as decision-making and reviews and ensure compliance is owned by the business.
Identified risks are not visible when managing a trust or company. Interactive charts display all data and connections.
Risk is calculated but is not connected to everyday actions. Integrate risk into entity management and make it visible.
Advice and identified risks are lost on archived files, or knowledge leaves with key people. Bring relevant issues only to the front of every decision before decisions are made.

What about the future?

Challenges Fidusys solutions View solution
Your trust administration system is not flexible enough. You cannot address obvious needs - so another system is created. Infinitely flexible system that can be easily updated in-house.
Increasing need to measure senior competence. Capture what senior management see and understand in your operating system.
Clients and even advisors feel remote and are always asking what you do for your money. Create any number of different internal and external user views for any type of stakeholder.
Senior people leave with client information and relationships the business needs. Capture what senior management see and understand in your operating system.
Some people know more about certain clients than others. There is no time address this. Assess and capture management knowledge and experience.
Operating costs continue to rise in high costs jurisdictions. A clear division between management and administration with effective online information management creates outsourcing options.
Learning environment. Support a culture of understanding and excellence. An easy, comprehensive view of everything accessible to anyone is the first step.

Key features at a glance


An immediate view of everything needed or wanted, all in the same system. An end to the proliferation of separate systems.

Accessible to anyone

Give shareholders, settlors, advisers and family members any appropriate view of all or any entities or issues.

The status of everything

An instant management overview of everything that is happening by entity, structure, group, team, office or business.

The detail of anything

Understand immediately exactly what is happening or has happened in the business and why.


Configurable in-house and infinitely flexible, Fidusys collates management knowledge and experience, delivering it to users when needed.

Creates new business options

From deeper, transparent relationships with stakeholders to a single, low cost or outsourced administration centre serving multiple jurisdictions.

Video tour: What should a trust look like?

Managing any trust, company or other entity involves more than debits, credits and administration. Fidusys Online places every managed entity in the centre and ensures that all information related to it is immediately available. This information is ordered and managed in a controlled, transparent, management environment. A view of any of this information can be given to anyone, anywhere at any time. So, in this new world, what does a well managed entity look like?

System integration and support

Cloud or internal hosting

As a modern browser-based system, Fidusys Online is designed from the ground up to be hosted either; internally on an existing browser infrastructure, or in a jurisdiction of choice by a local service provider, or entirely using lowest-cost "cloud" infrastructure.

Extensive system interfacing

Aligned to the innovative, infinitely flexible, approach to the customization of fields as available with Fidusys Online, is a correspondingly flexible interface, (API), capable of importing any data from any associated system - typically used to import then "bring to life" otherwise sterile trust administration or accounting data.

External/internal installation support

With the convenience of clients in mind Fidusys Online has been designed to be made entirely accessible in all respects, including in relation to installation, (implementation, customization, data migration, testing, etc), empowering clients to either take the self-help route for installation or engage Fidusys professionals as suits resources or budgets.

Comprehensive training options

There are a range of training options available to support Fidusys Online including; traditional classroom-based training, train-the-trainer, a comprehensive user guide, ad hoc telephone or remote access training - with other variants available on request.

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